Holland Together Programm Municipality Elections 2018

A more secure Holland

Holland is a relatively safe country, but a safe country is not only having tougher criminal penalties. The causes must be addressed. We approve the approach to address the individual troublemakers and also discourage group behavior in young people. Parents should also be held responsible and it also should be possible to inflict any punishment for example by financial measures.
The work of police officers should be encouraged to ensure the social bond.
Holland gets more and more to do with small and big crime. From vandalism to robbery, they are events that affect the privacy or even radically change lives. The road still leaves to be desired, especially when it comes to cars / scooters which run at the crossings and entrances and exits of urban neighborhoods. The Holland Together will do everything to take to reverse the rise in crime and will increase tough measures to guarantee the traffic safety.
Investigators will have more powers in uniform and in civilian duties. Higher fines for recurring violations. The freedoms in prison, we decline. Higher fines and penalties for offenders so their increase is not doubled.
Still, there are situations that are less safe than required so more control is desirable when needed in the streets. The hospitality industry in cities, working with the police working on solutions. The alcohol limit to be 18 years! Parents are accountable for the behavior of their children and if they don’t keep them on the right path, they risk the measures of being confronted with financial measures or expansion in the area.
Crimes against people with a public function (fire / ambulance / personnel in November) are heavily punished. Possible legalization of soft drugs and regulation system passes through visitors. In public transport, cameras surveillance is being implemented.
At first contact with the law (category to be determined), DNA recorded.
Cleaning and change of public spaces and better lighting and trash cans. Cameras registrations improve
For raised problems there should not be hesitated to organize cleanups to inflict stability and order (use commands) Some wear clothing is no longer in shops and other public spaces tolerated (cap / hood combination with face not visible.
Holland together does it differently.

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