Holland Together Programm Municipality Elections 2018

Sport creates life and offers support to youngsters

We carry a soft spot for sports and want more organizational and financial investment in sport. The government should encourage and allow sport that sport is possible in the Holland. The business community could play a role. We are committed to an annual sports day where everyone participates actively. Sports should be more accessible in cities. In schools there should be more attention for sports. This means of course there should be enough specialized teachers, and we should be thinking about what we want. Provisions must be realized for new sports such as skating. More outdoor swimming should be promoted to provide more natural ponds. We have to invest more in sport matters and playgrounds.
We want to work with athletes and sports associations, so sports councils are more affordable for everyone. Reduce paperwork for grants to encourage associations and expertise of volunteers should be expanded. The use of these funds should be encouraged. An incentive should be granted to reward extra effort. Sport will also be encouraged through subsidies within companies. This can improve and sharpen anti-failure policy.

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