Holland Together Programm Municipality Elections 2018

Larger schools and education

The school is a safe and familiar place where a child can develop it selves and learn and live together. It sounds logical to think that schools in the Holland are spacious, safe and modern. Our children therefore are spending eight years of their lives in classrooms in our community. Unfortunately, the debate in last recent years primarily involved limiting the space of the schools. This because there is space needed to build houses on the same site to reduce costs to compensate
School buildings are among the basic facilities in our community. The municipal still receives annually budget from the government for a financial contribution which is partially used for the maintenance of schools. There is never money earmarked for the new building which now takes place. Time to change that.

Holland Together notes that the parents of our children should not pay for small schools and schoolyards without any greenery. So, wants HOLLAND TOGETHER build schools over the next 40 years are spacious. By creating a housing fund school filled with the annual government grant we can now and in the future prepared for construction and maintenance.
We think that even in economically difficult times there should be invested in education. Performance Scholarships should be possible to prevent abuse.
Holland Together does it differently.

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