Holland Together Programm Municipality Elections 2018

Dutch entrepreneurial climate-friendly

The vitality of a country starts with healthy entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs and opportunities for people to settle. In recent years, the Dutch entrepreneur had to deal with many setbacks. To further develop the Holland into an attractive country for businesses, it is important that start-ups companies, such as graduates, get the opportunity to provide momentum in our society. Starting a business is not easy and should be better facilitated by the government. We start projects so we will encourage MBO / HBO / WO entrepreneurship to a greater role in education.
With Try it zones, where the new entrepreneurs in the Holland are stimulated by the government to create attractive conditions of establishment. We want to respond to the economic geographic and demographic developments in the Holland. The Chamber of Commerce offers free workshops so that every opportunity should be avoided which leads to empty offices. Healthy and diverse store bases in the cities are of great importance. Temporary use of empty offices should be encouraged.
Creative industries are to be welcomed this for the vitality and economic prosperity in our land. Businesses can get more funding if they contribute to sustainability and clean procedures within the company.

The shortage of parking spaces in urban centers is still not resolved, next to long delays on the highways. There is poor service for businesses, and it revitalization of industrial sites is needed. It is time for a business-friendly climate in the Holland!

Holland Together does it differently!

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